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Advanced Governing for Capital Flight
Amedzro St-Hilaire, Walter
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Business Legal
Taylor & Francis
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Apple Academic Press
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This volume takes an in-depth look at the economic issue of capital flight and outlines strategic methods to address the problem of international tax evasion and bank secrecy. In order to address these issues, the book explores the development prospects of tax evasion governance and identifies obstacles to the efficiency of current tax policies.

To overcome the capital flight issue, all lines of attack need to be examined. There is a need to establish responsibility, to set priorities for action that significantly reduces the incentives for capital outflows of this kind, and to seek international consensus. International tax evasion has undermined the credibility of political and administrative systems. This volume lays the foundation for creating an institutional framework that provides transparency of control systems in the face of the guilty roles of tax evasion actors. This requires an effort of economic intelligence that involves mobilizing statistical resources and exploiting them in order to finely identify deviating situations and risk.

Key features of the book:

• Captures the richness and diversity of tax evasion strategies

• Provides an understanding of the prospects of capital flight policies

• Identifies stakeholders’ implications in order to provide a global solution to government

• Develops a rigorous approach to the problem of tax evasion and the capital flight process

Advanced Governing for Capital Flight posits that when combined, the initiatives offered in the volume will be the powerful blow to bank secrecy. Aimed as much at the neophyte as at the insider who questions tax evasion strategies, this book, very ambitious by its specificity, is intended primarily for those who will be called upon to work in the fields of tax evasion and capital flight policies.

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